Renaissance on Rosedale: Texas Wesleyan’s ambitious plan

Texas Wesleyan University is teaming up with the City of Fort Worth for a year-long multi-million dollar construction blitz.

The ambitious plan, dubbed the Rosedale Renaissance Project, will combine $6.5 million of university money with $32 million in private and public funding.

"It is going to revitalize small businesses, it is going to revitalize the residential neighborhood, it is going to breathe new life into a 123-year-old university," said TWU President Frederick G. Slabach during Friday's groundbreaking ceremony.

Three new features will be built on campus over the next year.

  • $3 million will go towards a 15,000 square foot conference service center on East Rosedale Street.
  • $400,000 will fund a business incubator, a place on campus where students will work with local entrepreneurs to create and develop businesses.
  • The centerpiece of the project is a clock tower and main entrance that will welcome prospective students and guests to the campus.

"We want to continue to see it be revitalized, we would like to see all of the areas of this city of Fort  Worth become vibrant and become great places for anybody to visit," said Mayor Pro Tem Zim Zimmerman.

The city is timing this construction with redevelopment of the surrounding infrastructure — $32 million will fund street improvements from along East Rosedale between U.S. 287 and Stalcup Road.

"The effect of all four of them is going to be much greater than just the sum of the individual parts," Slabach said. "We actually chose to do all four projects at once, to be able to leverage the wonderful public investment that is being made in terms of the street redevelopment."

The project is expected to be complete in about a year.

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