Stand Out in the Neighborhood: Update the Curb Appeal of Your Property

Stand Out in the Neighborhood Update the Curb Appeal of Your PropertyAs you know, the home sales market is hot right now! Because of the low interest rates and competitive home prices, multiple offers for one house may be the norm. So what can you do if one of your properties isn't seeing much traffic? It's time to liven up the curb appeal! First impressions are important in every way. Clean it up. Brighten it up. If the seller isn't in a position to spend a lot of money, encourage them to invest in "sweat equity" and their house will be the best on the street with the most offers to sort through at the end of the day.

Get Rid of Debris

The easiest way to quickly improve the curb appeal is to haul away any trash and debris, no matter how small. If broken branches and dead leaves from the storm a month ago are still clogging the yard, now is the time for the homeowner to gather them up and haul them away (or hire someone to). As simple as it sounds, this will make a huge difference in the look of the home.

Give the Lawn a Manicure

The overgrown bushes and dead flower beds need attention. Whether the home is in the city or on the outskirts of town,trimming back the hedges needs to be done at least once a year. The beautiful architecture of the house should not be hidden by unsightly bushes and weeds.  

Light It Up

Installing an outdoor lighting system is beneficial for various reasons. Landscape lighting can do wonders for a yard. It can light up pathways, illuminate the trees and bushes the homeowner would like to highlight and it can give a potential buyer a sense of security. Along with adding a new home security program, a properly selected and installed lighting system will detour anybody lurking in the neighborhood. 

Add Color

Have colorful flowers planted and commit to keeping them fresh, watered and updated. Choose perennials or annuals that coincide with the seasons. If the homeowner is willing to work with his/her green thumb, an annual, like a marigold, would be a nice choice because they are charming and cheerful. Annuals live for one season then must be replaced. For less maintenance plant daffodils. They can come back season after season. 

Polish the Door

Another way to give the home a new look is by polishing (or painting) the door. As the weather changes, wood can crack or fade. If there is a wood door, have it polished up. Otherwise, consider adding a fresh coat of paint. If you really need this house to stand out from its neighbors, encourage the homeowner to choose a bright, bold color.

Become One With the Earth

If the grass has seen better days, consider installing a rock garden, additional hardscape or a water feature in lieu of a lawn. Home buyers tend to want to avoid a large amount of lawn maintenance. Create beautiful vignettes in both front and back yard by incorporating the elements of the earth. 

Power Wash Away the Grime

Once landscaping is completed, the house may need a good power wash to the driveway to get rid of dirt and grime. With a little man (or woman) power and a couple of hours, the house will look as good as new. 

Outfit Your Address

Have you ever missed a pizza delivery because the driver could not find your house? Add large, unique house numbers to the home. DIY the address plate or get them from a hardware, garden or department store. Think about the distance of the home from the road and make sure its numbers can be seen. After making all of these improvements for curb appeal, your property will be the talk of the town.

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