Best Margaritas in Dallas

Our 5 Best Margaritas

Google will show you Margarita Joe Inc., Iron Cactus, and Margarita’s Restaurant serve up the best concoctions of tequila, lime, and orange liquor around.  The Harrison Group has refined your search for the best margarita in town!  Check out our top 5 margaritas, and let’s get the ball rolling on what your favorite is.  If we’re missing your yummiest signature margarita, please let us know!

“Ethyl” Margarita                             Banditos, University Park, Dallas

House Rocks Salt                              Gloria’s, Greenville Avenue, Dallas

Margarita Unica                                Hacienda San Miguel, Fort Worth

Frozen Tradicional                           Javier’s, Knox/Henderson, Dallas

Mambo Taxi/Top Shelf                    Mi Cocina, Highland Park Village, Dallas

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