Jeffrey Siegel’s Keyboard Conversations® Schubert in the Age of the Sound Bite


Eisemann CenterJeffrey Siegel's Keyboard Conversations®
Schubert in the Age of the Sound Bite         

Monday, March 4- 7:30 PM 


Keyboard Conversations® featuring concert pianist Jeffrey Siegel continues the 2012-2013 10th Anniversary Season with Schubert in the Age of the Sound Bite playing in the Bank of America Theatre on Monday, March 4, 2013 at 7:30 pm.   

 Virtuoso pianist Jeffrey Siegel returns with a program that explores the melodies, harmonies and heavenly visions of Schubert's music and their effect on us in this impersonal computerized age.

In this third concert of the 2012-2013 Season, Mr. Siegel asks the question, "How do Schubert's irresistible lyric dramas in tones fit into our robotic society with today's limited attention span?" This exciting evening of music will transport audiences with Schubert's Impromptus, Moment Musicales, and Waltzes. Mixing virtuosic performance with lively commentary on the great composers, "Jeffrey Siegel has everything: massive technique, musical sensitivity and character, wide tonal resources, immense reserves of power, and the ability to communicate" (Los Angeles Times).

In addition to his solo appearances, Jeffrey Siegel presents Keyboard Conversations®, concerts with lively commentary in an innovative format that differs from traditional recitals and appearances with symphony orchestras. A Keyboard Conversation is a concert with each work on the program performed in its entirety. Mr. Siegel speaks briefly and informally to the audience before performing each composition, illustrating with a few pertinent musical examples from the keyboard. Jeffrey Siegel is a Steinway artist.

Eisemann Center

Performance Drive in Richardson, Texas.

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