Idols of the King

Idols of the KingIdols of the King
A musical by Ronnie Claire Edwards and Allen Crowe 


Friday, March 15 at 8:00 PM      


This play with music is a valentine to Elvis Presley's most devoted fans. The show weaves together the stories of an elderly couple touing the United States to exhibit the toliet Elvis used at their gas station sometime in the 1970's, a biker chick and her boyfriend stranded in the desert on their way to an Elvis concert, a man fighting a "conspiracy of the demon dentists", and a spinster piano teacher who fantasizes that she and Elvis are a couple.

Combined with the music of Elvis Presley, this show is a heartfelt tribute to the fans who crowned Presley "The King".


Theater Three at the Quadrangle
2800 Routh Street, Dallas, 75201
Plenty of FREE parking



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