Gabriel by Moira Buffini

Stage West

Gabriel by Moira Buffini 




Thursday,  February 7 at 7:30 PM

Friday,  February 8 at 8:00 PM

Saturday,  February 9 at 8:00 PM



In this riveting drama set on a German-occupied English island during World War II, a mysterious, unconscious man is pulled from the waves and taken in by a young widow and her family.  The family maintains a delicate love-hate relationship with the German occupiers, and are concealing some deep secrets, including the fact that one of them is Jewish.  The mysterious stranger–RAF pilot? spy? the angel Gabriel?–may be the force that breaks their tightly woven circle of subterfuge.




Stage West's home is at 821 W. Vickery


Driving Directions


 *From I-30 heading East: Exit Lancaster and go east, turn right onto Jennings, turn right onto Vickery.

 *From I-30 heading West: Exit Lancaster and go west, turn left onto Jennings, turn right onto Vickery

 *From 35W heading North: Exit Lancaster, go west, turn left onto Jennings, turn right onto Vickery

 *From 35W heading South (coming in from 121): Exit to I30 West, exit Henderson and turn right, turn right on Lancaster, turn right on Jennings, turn right on Vickery.  


Parking is available in front of the theatre and the adjoining buildings, across the street, and also in front of the neighboring buildings unless they are open.




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